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Each design is hand painted with love in rural Manitoba, Canada.

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2022 Christmas Collection

2022 Christmas Collection

This is stunning Christmas stationary at its finest. Luxurious textured paper used for... 

Customer Reviews

What consumers are saying about the Inspired Artworks products,

  • Tanis H.

    I love Inspired Artworks' floral card designs, I bought my first one about 2 years ago and have continued to purchase and love them since, My favourite thing about them is that they can double as a piece of art - her cards deserve to be displayed!

    Regular Greeting Cards 
  • Megan M.

    Our sweet Harley passed in August and this was the piece of art we had of him and I smile everyday when I walk by it. Thank you so much for creating memories and amazing pieces of art that mean so much to everyone!

    Custom Artwork 
  • The Fabric Snob

    Customers are loving your cards!

    Some have even told us that they bought them but haven't been able to give them away yet because they love them so much!!

    Wholesale Location 
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